Our Story

Traders and programmers combining to create a smarter way to move money.

If the banks were fairer in their currency dealings there would be no need for a company like Agility Forex. We’ve been there. Having to head down to the branch to be given an exchange rate far removed from where it really trades; it’s so frustrating. The banks know they have you over a barrel when it comes to changing money, they know most people assume there is no other option. That’s why wide spreads, fees and commissions are common place, resulting in people paying as much as 2% to the bank to change their money.  So why do the banks charge so much; simple…..because they can.

So that’s where we come in.  We remove the wide spreads, we remove the fees and commissions; and we make it easy. We let you send money abroad at the lowest possible cost.

Our name says everything about our approach. We have access to inter-bank rates and remain focused on what’s important, good customer service. Our proprietary technology allows us to bypass the banks and deliver the best pricing direct to your screen in an instant.

So if you’re tired of being taken for granted by your bank then give us a try.  You’ll find we work that extra bit harder to bring you the best rates and the best service.