The USD is slightly weaker overnight, after after a week of gains not seen in over a year and a half as the market awaits the US  monthly employment report ( exp. +231K / 5.9% unemployment rate) . Yesterday’s ECB press conference where ECB President Mario Draghi echoed that the central bank’s goal was to return  the size of its balance sheet back to  levels last seen in 2012 ( ie. an additional 1 trillion euro) saw the EUR trade down to 1.2363 . EUR currently is at 1.2400 ( +.19%) with earlier mixed Industrial production data out of France and Germany being ignored by the currency pair.Similar non USD strength can been see across other pairs . AUD .8595 ( +0.46%) , GBP 1.5821 ( +0.05%) NZD .7700 ( +0.07%)& CAD 1.1428 ( +.0.06%). This morning also delivers Canadian employment data.( exp. -5k,6.9%)