Global equity markets tumbled yesterday on the back of concerns over global economic growth ( already  in the “market psyche”,following the IMF global economic forecasts published earlier in the week) , continued economic statistics out of Europe pointing to slow growth and heightened deflationary fears all adding to  geopolitical concerns and the Ebola outbreak and their knock on effects on global aggregate demand  . The biggest causality yesterday was crude oil with WTI approaching $84  and Brent below $90 a barrel. The safe haven bid has returned in support of the USD and JPY with both benefiting overnight . The USD appreciation was especially evident versus the high yielding commodity currencies , namely the AUD ( .8709 / -0.81%) and  NZD( .7807 / -0.71%) . ECB President spoke in the US yesterday and again highlighted the banks commitment to use all the ” tools” available in its policy arsenal to combat low inflation , but stressed the importance that all the heavy lifting cannot be expected from the Bank and member governments must address structural problems in their economies and offer support on the fiscal side. The Bank of Japan minutes from the September meeting  offered more of the same rhetoric, of visible economic improvements  with no change to the current course of action on the policy front. Canada will be the focus in  this mornings economic releases with employment data releases at 8:30 AM – Sept. Employment change + 20k ; Participation rate +66% ; Unemployment arte +7.0%