The USD strength had been universal across major currency pairs after the Republicans captured control of the Senate and US House of Reprensentives. UK Services PMI fell to a 1 year low ( 56.2 vs exp 58.5) in October which propelled GBP to a session low of 1.5867 ( -0.77%) which will likely lead to a lower  4th quarter GDP reading versus the previous quarter. Mixed to lower PMI data across the eurozone coupled with lower retail sales readings  saw the EUR trading lower to 1.2486 ( -0.48%) Commodity prices continue to suffer with WTI ($76.61) and Brent( $81.92) back to three and four year lows .The dollar strength is also impacting precious metals with GOLD & SILVER being panned lower overnight by 1.98% and 4.20% respectively. The knock effect on the famed commodity currencies has been all to obvious with CAD lower by 0.28% ( 1.1440) , AUD -1.17% ( .8632) and NZD -0.82% ( .7744) .