Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, this is called a forward.  If you know you have a currency requirement sometime in the future then you can lock in a rate  today for that future requirement. Forwards allow you to take the risk out of future market movements by locking in your rate today.  Forwards require a Payment Reserve (deposit) of between 5 and 10% of the total exchange amount.

Absolutely, Agility Forex gives you the ability to complete transfers via our online platform 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

No, we don’t.  Simply put, what you see is what you get.

Unlike a lot of currency dealers who get their rates from their bank ( after the bank adds a margin!), we get our rates directly from the interbank market. This is the same place the banks get their pricing but as we have a much lower cost base we can reflect this in more aggressive pricing.  Meaning better rates for you!

We guarantee you a better exchange rate than your bank will quote you. Savings can be anything from 0.35% up to 3% of the amount being transferred.

It’s actually very simple.  Registration takes 5 minutes and then once we’ve verified your documentation (the legal bit) you’re ready to go.  Log in to the transaction site using the user id and password you created at registration and input the details of your transaction (currency you’re selling, currency you’re buying, beneficiary and the amount).  Hit the “Get Quote” button and we display the current real time price, and if you like the price (we’re confident you will!) just hit the “Execute Transaction” button and the deal is done.  Then you send currency “x” to us and we then send currency “y” to your beneficiary. Simple, quick and cost effective.

Generally it takes 2 days for your funds to reach your beneficiary but this can vary depending on the currencies and countries involved. As a rule, the sooner we receive your funds the sooner we can send the outgoing funds to your beneficiary.

You can transact any amount. Bear in mind we only accept funds paid directly into our accounts, we don’t deal in cash, cards or cheques. Additionally the firm reserves the right to add fixed charges for very small transactions ( below $500) or for transfers to certain jurisdictions although these charges are disclosed prior to trading on the trade ticket.

We understand the safety of your funds is of paramount importance to you. Client funds are always segregated from AFL funds, so were anything to happen to us, your funds and all other client funds would remain intact. We don’t take positions in the market so we’re not at risk of suffering losses due to adverse market movements; our whole approach is very low risk.

95% of our client funds delivery is in local currency terms- I send USD to US, I send AUD to Australia, I send MXN to Mexico, GBP to the UK and EUR to Europe etc. These transactions are local currency transactions and incur zero fees on Agility Forex. From time to time clients want to send what we call a non domestic delivery. This is where you send funds to a recipient which is not local.. like CAD to Europe, GBP to Australia , USD to India etc. In these instances a flat rate nominal fee of US$15 (or equivalent in selected currency) will be applied to the trade on a one off basis. Every other transaction type will continue to have zero fees.

Agility Forex Ltd. takes your data privacy and security very seriously. Please take a look at our privacy policy (, which lays out your rights and privileges very clearly. Agility Forex have state of the art system security in place to make sure your data and funds, like ours are very carefully protected.

Under the terms and conditions laid out between you as a customer and us as a service provider you have a number of protections and safeguards including arbitration, court action as well as regulatory complaints processes in the event you were un happy with the service we provided.  Additionally under the regulations and terms of our compliance with FINTRAC regulations these same safeguards are in place. We are happy to say this has never happened to us and we pride ourselves on client engagement and satisfaction.

Don’t take our word for it, take a look at what some of our customers say about us on trust pilot (

We are regulated and registered through FINTRAC ( / Autorite des Marche Financiers AMF ( / FINCEN (https://www.fincen). As Agility Forex is based outside Quebec in Canada FINTRAC is our main regulator and they take the regulation of foreign exchange, money transfer and the associated anti money laundering processes extremely seriously. The bar they set for companies to participate in these businesses is extremely high and Agility Forex Ltd. prides themselves on their compliance with and registration through FINTRAC system.

We have prepared the following matrix for your easy reference. Please feel free to contact us with any addition questions.

Good question. Foreign exchange is all we do but we do it well.  We will save you money and you will find the process simple and quick.  Banks take a lot of money out of the spread ( ie.the difference between the wholesale market and retail market price) , basically charging what they think they can get away with, assuming that most people don’t check where the real price is. Lets also not forget the bank fees on top of the large dealing spread and the time and frustration on a visit to the bank branch.